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If you are looking for original Japanese green tea imported directly from Japanese plantations, please visit our store.

Japanese green leaf tea       

Japanese ceremonial matcha       

Japanese organic green tea

We offer premium fresh green tea imported directly from Japanese organic plantations. Tea offered in our store include Japanese sencha, genmaicha, kukicha, hojicha, bancha, matcha and others. We sell pure teas, the same as on the Japanese market. We do not use flavored teas or tea blends.

For connoisseurs we recommend our Japanese ceremonial matcha tea. Matcha cleanses our body, gives us energy and calms us down at the same time. We recommend drinking it instead of coffee.

All our tea come from certified organic plantations and have the European organic food logo (the so-called "green leaf"). The ecological plantations from which our green tea comes are located deep in the mountains of the Shizuoka prefecture and are surrounded by forests, that protect them against pollution from conventional plantations. Test results for pesticides in our teas have never shown even traces of pesticides and can be viewed on our website.

All our teas are packed in original, individual packaging at our producer’s factory in Japan. Appropriate packaging is especially important for green tea. Green tea is very delicate and stored improperly easily undergoes further oxidation, losing most of its nutritional and flavor values. Hermetic packaging prevents oxidation of delicate green teas. For our teas, we guarantee their smell, color and taste!

We also offer tea brewing accessories, in particular accessories for making Japanese ceremonial matcha tea.

Premium organic green tea in a beautiful package is the best gift for all occasions!

We send all orders from our headquarters in the heart of Krakow, Poland.

Premium Japanese green tea

Organic Japanese green tea

Ceremonial matcha tea

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