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Our teas come from certified organic farming and are sold with the European  Union organic food logo.

They do not contain any pesticide residues, artificial aromas or other „enhancers".

Our teas have ecological certificates, but we have additionally carried out a check on pesticide residues for our Organic Ceremonial Matcha HAMANASU at the Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice in October 2018. The study included 473 pesticides.

We are proud to announce that NONE of 473 pesticides tested has been detected in our tea. 

We offer you a truly highest quality product!

Our teas come from organic plantations located among mountains and forests. For many, many years no pesticides have been used on them. In the area all  tea fields use organic farming. Such a location and neighborhood eliminate the possibility of contamination of crops completely.

We invite you to taste our teas!

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