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Brand: Osada Tea Japan

Organic Ceremonial Matcha KOGAMO 30g

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Very high quality organic matcha with a smooth silky taste, without any noticeable bitterness. It is characterized by full, sweet taste, which is best discovered when prepared with water. 

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matcha green tea

A well-prepared matcha tea should be light green, without clumps and covered with a smooth foam with fine air bubbles. This foam will give the tea a creamy consistency and a pleasant feel. The foam should not consist of large air bubbles.

How to make matcha tea - step by step

matcha green tea

  1. Boil the water and cool it to about 80°C (you can open the kettle and wait for a while).
  2. Warm up the matcha bowl - pour some hot water into the bowl and put a bamboo whisk into the water to soften its tip. Move the bowl so that the water warms its walls. Pour out the water and wipe the matcha bowl dry.
  3. Put about 1g of matcha tea into the bowl (0.5 teaspoons or 2 bamboo scoops). It is necessary to use a mesh strainer - it will help us avoid clumps and mix the tea well. It will give the tea a pleasant creamy consistency. Instead of a matcha bowl you can use any other bowl that allows you to mix the tea well.
  4. Pour a little water into the bowl and use a bamboo whisk to dissolve the powder well so that there are no clumps. Then add water to 1/3 of the bowl's height and mix the tea with a bamboo whisk until the foam forms on the surface. Mix  it quickly by making zigzag motions in the shape of the letter M. This activity requires some practice :).
  5. Tea can be also made in a glass and instead of a bamboo whisk use a milk frother. Put the tea through a mesh strainer into a glass (preferably high), add water and stir with milk frother. Do not use a milk frother in matcha bowls - they can be scratched and damaged. It is better to froth the tea in a glass and then pour it into the bowl.


A good quality ceremonial matcha is full of umami and we only drink it with water. There is no need to sweeten it with honey or other additives.

matcha green tea

How to make matcha latte?

Matcha latte is also a great way to enjoy matcha tea. The preparation method is the same as for matcha tea - however, more powder should be used.

  1. Put about 1 teaspoon of matcha tea through the mesh strainer into the bowl.
  2. Pour a little of water into the bowl (80 °C) and mix well so that there are no clumps. Add more water and mix it well. In this case, we do not need to make the foam on the surface of the tea, just mix it well - but I personally like the foam because of its creamy consistency
  3. Add frothed milk and mix lightly. Enjoy your matcha latte!


To prepare matcha latte we use a medium or lower quality ceremonial matcha.

matcha green tea