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Brand: Osada Tea Japan

Organic Ceremonial Matcha KOGAMO 30g

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Very high quality organic matcha with a smooth silky taste, without any noticeable bitterness. It is characterized by full, sweet taste, which is best discovered when prepared with water. 

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iced matcha latte

Iced matcha latte

Great for hot summer days!

Matcha latte is simply matcha tea made with hot, frothed milk. In the summer, however, we can make it with ice cubes dipped in cold milk.

iced matcha latte

How to make iced matcha latte?

Put ice cubes in the glass and pour your favorite, well-chilled milk. Add the previously prepared, cooled matcha tea made with little water. Ready!

We can prepare the matcha tea in two ways:

  • Hot - prepare matcha in a bowl as usual and wait until it cools down.
  • Cold - In a cocktail shaker or thermos, mix matcha powder with cold water, shaking it vigorously several times (first pour water, then add matcha powder to avoid clumping).

Many people like to sweeten their matcha tea with honey or maple syrup. Generally, we don't recommend using too much sugar in your diet, but if you prefer sweeter matcha, you can add your favorite syrups.

All our matcha teas are of very high quality, mild and full of umami. They all have a bright green color, a sign of high quality and natural sweetness. We believe that there is no need to "sweeten" tea, because both cow milk and especially plant milk are naturally sweet. Perhaps the custom of "sweetening" matcha tea comes from experience with low-quality matcha, which is dark in color, bitter and generally not very tasty. Maybe even from the use of culinary matcha tea, intended for baking, but not good for drinking.

However, if you prefer sweeter flavors, you can freely experiment with honey or syrups. It all depends on you!

iced matcha latte

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