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matcha affogato

Matcha affogato

Do you sometimes miss this wonderful, slightly bitter matcha taste?

Despite the fact, that I often drink matcha tea, I sometimes miss the bitter taste of green chocolate or matcha ice cream. If I don't have anything on hand or  time to prepare, I quickly make matcha affogato.

matcha affogato

A few words about the preparation of matcha tea. We can prepare it in two forms: thin matcha (usucha) and thick matcha (koicha). We usually drink thin matcha (usucha), mixed with more water, with a creamy foam on top. For special ceremonial occasions, we prepare thick matcha (koicha) - with a small amount of water, without foam on the surface.

For matcha affogato we need to prepare thick matcha (koicha). Its slightly bitter  taste goes perfectly with the sweetness of ice cream.

What will we need to prepare matcha affogato?


Choose a cheaper, lower-quality culinary matcha. Save the highest quality matcha for drinking with water. We use culinary matcha for ice cream, cakes, or chocolate. Pay attention if it has a nice, vivid green color. Avoid very low-quality yellow-brown matcha.

vanilla ice cream

matcha bowl


Instead of a bamboo chasen, you can use a milk brother (be careful not to scratch the bowl when mixing) or just a spoon.


Be sure to sift matcha through a strainer to avoid lumps.

matcha affogato

How to make matcha affogato?

Ingredients (for 1 serving / for 1 person)

2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

1 teaspoon matcha

2 teaspoons of water

  • Sift matcha into the bowl through strainer.
  • Pour slightly cooled water (approx. 80 ℃) and mix very thoroughly with a chasen or spoon. If it is too thick, add 1 teaspoon of water more. Measure accurately and add a little bit only. Pouring boiling water will make matcha very bitter.
  • Put ice cream in cups, add matcha topping and serve. You can cool the cups before serving, so that the ice cream does not melt too quickly.


You can serve matcha affogato with nut, ginger or green tea ice cream.

matcha affogato

More about matcha here WHAT IS MATCHA and here MATCHA PROPERTIES 

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