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Organic Ceremonial Matcha KOGAMO 30g

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Very high quality organic matcha with a smooth silky taste, without any noticeable bitterness. It is characterized by full, sweet taste, which is best discovered when prepared with water. 

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matcha chocolate

Have you ever tried matcha chocolate? There are many recipes for such chocolate, but we will start today with the simplest. As a base, we will use white chocolate to which we will add matcha powder. You can decorate the chocolate any way you like. I added dried strawberries, because the colors match beautifully and the slightly sour taste of strawberries goes well with the sweetness of chocolate.

matcha chocolate

What will we need to prepare matcha chocolate?


Choose a cheaper, medium-quality ceremonial matcha or a high-quality culinary matcha. Keep the highest quality ceremonial matcha for drinking with water. Pay attention whether matcha has a nice, vivid green color. Avoid low-quality yellow-brown matcha, because it is worthless.

Two bars of white chocolate

You can use any white chocolate, but it's better to choose the better quality one. Good quality white chocolate contains cocoa fat and has a creamy color.

Dried Strawberries

Freeze-dried strawberries. They will be crushed and used to sprinkle the chocolate. The rest can be used for tea mixtures.

Baking paper and baking tray

Bowl and spoon

Matcha strainer

A pot for melting chocolate in a water bath

matcha chocolate

How to make matcha chocolate?

Ingredients (for 2 people)

2 bars of good quality white chocolate

1 teaspoon matcha

several dried strawberries (freeze-dried)

matcha chocolate

  • Chop the white chocolate into small pieces, pour it into a dry glass or metal bowl and dissolve in a water bath.
  • Water bath - put the bowl above the pot with slightly boiling water and wait until the chocolate melts under the influence of steam. The chocolate bowl must not touch the boiling water. Chocolate should melt slowly, because if it melts too quickly or at too high a temperature it will get burnt. White chocolate melts the hardest and burns quickly. Never melt chocolate directly in a pot.
  • Sift matcha into a bowl of melted chocolate. Use a strainer to avoid lumps. Mix the chocolate with the matcha powder. Sieved matcha mixes well with chocolate.
  • Spread the baking paper on the cookie sheet and put out the chocolate mass. Sprinkle with crushed, dried strawberries.
  • Put the chocolate in the fridge for about 30 minutes to harden. Cut into pieces. Store in the fridge.


Instead of strawberries, you can use dried raspberries, almond flakes, coconut flakes, coarse sea salt, crushed mint. 

matcha chocolate

More about matcha here WHAT IS MATCHA and here MATCHA PROPERTIES