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Organic Ceremonial Matcha KOGAMO 30g

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Very high quality organic matcha with a smooth silky taste, without any noticeable bitterness. It is characterized by full, sweet taste, which is best discovered when prepared with water. 

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sencha green tea

What is sencha?

Sencha is the most famous and most drunk Japanese green tea. It accounts for 70-80% of all teas produced in Japan.

The most standard tea processing method is used in its production - the leaves are subjected to steam for a few seconds (less than a minute), and then rolled into small needles and dried.

Traditionally, the taste of green tea is described by terms such as sweetness, richness of taste, freshness, astringency and bitterness. The taste of green tea will vary depending on the type of tea, but also depending on the type of brewing water, water temperature and brewing time. Because of these factors, the main ingredients contained in tea leaves (minerals, polyphenols, amino acids, vitamins) will react and activate differently.

sencha green tea

What does sencha taste like?

The ideal color of sencha tea is green and gold. The taste depends largely on the temperature of the water used to brew the tea and the brewing time. With water at a temperature of about 70-80ºC and a brewing time of about 50 seconds, the sencha will be mild and full of umami (we recommend this temperature). If we use water with a temperature higher than 80ºC, the brew will take on a slightly bitter taste (catechins will come out of the leaves faster, which will give the brew a bit of bitterness). A well-brewed sencha is very refreshing and has a pleasant bitter-sweet taste.

The Japanese also distinguish the "umami" flavor, which is an important part of Japanese culinary culture. There is no official translation of the word umami. It can only be described as a mild and persistent aftertaste after eating something delicious. The high-quality sencha should be full of umami flavor.

sencha green tea

Cold brewed sencha

Sencha is also excellent cold brewed. It has then an exceptionally mild, yet rich taste. Because this brewing method cannot spoil the brew with the wrong temperature or brewing time, we have the opportunity to discover very pleasant flavors for us. Everyone should try this method of brewing sencha tea at least once.

In addition, high-quality sencha is a very delicate and elegant tea. Because of this, she is sometimes drunk in wine glasses. We recommend this way of drinking, especially for cold-brewed sencha tea.

sencha green tea