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Brand: Osada Tea Japan

Organic Ceremonial Matcha KOGAMO 30g

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Very high quality organic matcha with a smooth silky taste, without any noticeable bitterness. It is characterized by full, sweet taste, which is best discovered when prepared with water. 

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organic green tea

Ms Katarzyna Błażejewska-Stuhr, an excellent dietitian, writes about herself on her blog "Mother in a big city”:

Mother, clinical dietitian and psychodietician. For years associated with the Warsaw convivium Slow Food. She adheres to the principle that food should be a source of health and pleasure. She offers her patients diets based on seasonal, local and natural products. She wrote the books: "Nutrition of children wise and healthy" and "How to mix in your life or cocktails for health and beauty.”

There she also writes about our tea "Matcha genmaicha organic green tea", which due to its intense green color she calls FLUOTEA. We invite you to read her opinion on our tea!

Mama w wielkim mieście: Katarzyna Błażejewska-Stuhr